Grant Types

Foundation resources are invested in organizations contributing to Denver’s arts and cultural community through four grant-making strategies:

General Operating Support

A priority of the Foundation is to provide unrestricted operating grants to arts organizations committed to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Typically the Foundation awards general operating grants to organizations with which we have an established relationship.

Project Support

The Foundation makes grants to support new or ongoing projects that are exceptional for their artistic merit, innovation, collaborative design and/or targeted approach to cultural participation. Project support may also be awarded to strengthen organizational capacity.

Arts Innovation Grants

Innovation and adaptive capacity are important for long-term sustainability in a competitive and rapidly changing environment. The Foundation provides innovation grants for the development of ground-breaking approaches to creating and presenting art, engaging new audiences, and developing new organizational/business models to strengthen capacity and financial sustainability.

Capital Projects

Grants for capital projects are generally reserved for organizations with which the Foundation has an established relationship.


The following are generally not eligible for funding:

  • Loans, grants or scholarships to individuals
  • Events, media productions, seminars, conferences, or travel
  • Activities or initiatives that have a religious purpose
  • Endowment funding
  • Funding to retire operating debt
  • Requests from organizations outside of Colorado or that are not for the benefit of Colorado citizens