Why Arts?

The arts enhance.

In a world where we must address so many critical issues, how important are the arts? And why should we keep the arts on our list of ‘must-haves’ in our society?

It’s irrefutable that the arts enhance the quality of our lives. The Bonfils-Stanton Foundation supports the arts because we believe that all people need and deserve the beauty, joy, and connections that the arts provide and inspire. When we support the arts, we foster personal growth and inspiration; we create more vibrant neighborhoods, overcome societal challenges in unique ways, our children become more well-rounded and successful, and our economy expands exponentially.

The arts transform.

Americans for the Arts, a national arts advocacy and policy organization, did an excellent job of illustrating their Top Ten Reasons to Support the Arts. Their number one reason for supporting the arts is that “Arts promote true prosperity. The Arts are fundamental to our humanity. They ennoble and inspire us – fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. The arts help us express our values, build bridges between cultures, and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age. When times are tough, art is salve for the ache.”

At Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, we see how the arts are making a lasting and direct impact in Denver and throughout Colorado. We’d like to share the big picture and the details of those facts with you. Come learn how the arts are transforming our communities, and our fellow citizens, for the better.

Why Arts? Colorado ranks number 1 in visits: Theater, music, museum visits
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