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Grantee Spotlight

Looking back at 2019, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation are once again in awe of the incredible creative contributions of our grantees and the entire arts & culture community in Denver. As patrons, participants, makers and audience members, we have access to a truly vibrant, diverse and robust arts and culture scene. The artistic vision and dedication of all those involved have made Denver such an extraordinary cultural hub. The Bonfils-Stanton Foundation is honored to play a small role in supporting a growing diversity of organizations and projects.

Here’s a brief look at the breadth of our support – along with some of our newer grantees and major projects from 2019.

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Fellow Spotlight

One of our favorite things about Bonfils-Stanton Foundation’s Livingston Fellowship Program is the community it creates from leader to leader all over the state of Colorado. A testament to that can be found by graduating Livingston Fellow, Christy Whitney, class of 2008. Over 27 years ago, Christy found herself thrust into the healthcare industry. Over the years, Christy has had to evolve her leadership skills through the ever-changing industry. What was once a personal field turned into many changes that Christy and her colleagues had to pave along the way.

You’ll find yourself nodding along as you read our interview with Christy about her Fellowship lessons learned, her advice to other Fellows – and how much has changed with healthcare in 30 years.

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Honoree Spotlight

Dr. Warren Washington is someone who has dedicated his whole life work to study climate change and research. As he puts it, “As scientists, we have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to think about with our planet’s future.”

In 2009, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation met Dr. Warren Washington when we honored him with our “Science and Medicine Award” at our Annual Awards Luncheon.

We wanted to check in with him after winning the Tyler Prize in 2019.

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For many years, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation has been following the dramatic changes taking place in the local news landscape, and especially the impact of the declining local cultural journalism system on the arts and culture sector. Working with the Colorado Media Project we determined that what was really needed was a comprehensive study of the current cultural news and information landscape in Colorado.

Over 2,000 Coloradans were recently surveyed – and the Colorado Media Project summarized 10 huge key takeaways from the search. Here’s what they found: ………Full Post.

Teva Sienicki

As part of her Livingston Fellowship activities, Teva Sienicki (Class of 2015) took a trip to our nation’s capital to explore the policy and advocacy landscape around poverty and hunger. In her words, she says Washington D.C. feels like a beaten city. In literally all her meetings, a pervasive sense of diminished possibility infused every conversation.

If D.C. were a single person looking to date, they’d be the one giving off that depressed and lonely vibe that no one asks out. Teva felt like she was giving a pep talk on repeat – so she became a cheerleader for optimism………Full Post.

How Bonfils-Stanton Foundation is Evolving

Over the past year, the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation has shared some of our thinking around equity in philanthropy and our values as a grantmaking organization. We have highlighted some of the organic shifts in our grantmaking to serve a more diverse community of arts and culture organizations and therefore a more diverse community of Denver residents. The adoption of an Equity and Values Statement spurred more intentional steps towards living our values that will ultimately influence our grantmaking strategies.

Information gathering and reflection led us to developing a formal theory of change that is rooted in equity and will guide us moving forward……..Full Post.