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Grantee Spotlight

Emma Stone interviewed by YFW students

Founded in 1978 by a group of filmmakers, educators and film lovers, The Denver Film Society’s mission is to develop opportunities for diverse audiences to discover film through creative, thought-provoking experiences. Film-based activities, events, and educational programs are offered year-round and include the award-winning Denver Film Festival, Film on the Rocks, and several mini-festivals that engage diverse audiences.

The support of Bonfils-Stanton Foundation allows Denver Film Society to broaden and deepen the experiential aspects of the mini-festivals, which are held throughout the year.

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Fellow Spotlight

Making a difference in people’s lives is never an easy task. But making a difference in the lives of young men that come from violence often takes patience, plenty of resources, loads of empathy – and pure kindness and understanding. As we write this, it’s hard to fully comprehend the magnitude of change and impact that 2018 Livingston Fellow, Yoal Kidane Ghebremeskel, has on young men through his organization, Street Fraternity.

It’s been over a year now since Yoal was selected as a 2018 Livingston Fellow. He has been an inspiration to work with and has a heart of gold, so we wanted to check in and see how things are going for him.

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Program Spotlight

Being a nonprofit leader is not an easy job. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most difficult positions a person can do, and it’s never-ending to the leaders that work tirelessly behind the scenes. Just ask Grant Oliphant, president of The Heinz Endowments in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, “The hardest working people that I know, without exception, lead nonprofits.”

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation is excited to hear what Oliphant has to share with Colorado nonprofit leaders during his keynote presentation at the Celebration of Leadership on Nov. 13. We left our interview with Oliphant inspired, and we hope you have equal takeaways after reading what he has to say.

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Teva Sienicki

As part of her Livingston Fellowship activities, Teva Sienicki (Class of 2015) took a trip to our nation’s capital to explore the policy and advocacy landscape around poverty and hunger. In her words, she says Washington D.C. feels like a beaten city. In literally all her meetings, a pervasive sense of diminished possibility infused every conversation.

If D.C. were a single person looking to date, they’d be the one giving off that depressed and lonely vibe that no one asks out. Teva felt like she was giving a pep talk on repeat – so she became a cheerleader for optimism………Full Post.

How Bonfils-Stanton Foundation is Evolving

Over the past year, the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation has shared some of our thinking around equity in philanthropy and our values as a grantmaking organization. We have highlighted some of the organic shifts in our grantmaking to serve a more diverse community of arts and culture organizations and therefore a more diverse community of Denver residents. The adoption of an Equity and Values Statement spurred more intentional steps towards living our values that will ultimately influence our grantmaking strategies.

Information gathering and reflection led us to developing a formal theory of change that is rooted in equity and will guide us moving forward……..Full Post.

How Bonfils-Stanton Foundation is Evolving

During the Grantmakers in the Arts Conference (October 13-16), arts leaders from across the country will come together for four days to discuss issues around community development, public art, education, advocacy and equity.

We’ve pulled together a quick Colorado guide just for you, fellow convention goers. From nearby arts exhibits to mountain escapes, here’s a list of inexpensive day trips, outings and can’t-miss places to see in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Estes Park…….Full Post.