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COVID-19 Relief Fund

In the early fall, BonfilsStanton Foundation and The Denver Foundation awarded nearly $1.2 million to 41 organizations thanks to the COVID-19 Arts & Culture Relief Fund. Now, the Foundations are gearing up for a second round of emergency funding.

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout Colorado, the arts & culture organizations are witnessing a dramatic, unexpected loss in revenue unlike anything seen in our lifetime. A recent SCFD Impact Survey helps paint the devastating loss to the sector from April 2020 – September 2020. Of 244 organizations surveyed, 80 percent of them have experienced moderately to extremely severe financial impacts – and 75 percent of respondents were only moderately confident or not confident at all they would survive.

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Fellow Spotlight

The pandemic forced many changes overnight for many nonprofits. They went from having their doors open to serve their communities to having to observe strict COVID-19 restrictions. Many leaders behind the scenes are Livingston Fellows, and they had to react quickly and figure out how to successfully operate their organizations virtually and create new programs along the way.

Which in-person events will now be held virtually potentially in the future? Who implemented new online programming that has been wildly successful within their organizations? We connected with four Livingston Fellows to hear their perspectives on opportunities that emerged through the pandemic and their experiences along the way.

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Honoree Spotlight

Catherine O’Neill Thorn

Connecting with others throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, has been, difficult at best. Social distancing, lockdowns and strict guidelines have made it challenging for the world to connect with each other on a personal basis. Bonfils-Stanton Foundation’s 2020 “Arts and Society” Award Honoree Catherine O’Neill Thorn decided to take her first ever sabbatical in January of 2020 before the pandemic hit.

We had an opportunity to visit with Catherine and you’ll notice in the following interview she makes you feel connected to her even though we’re thousands of miles apart. And if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed in life right now, heed the advice of Catherine – slow down, read a good book and pick up your favorite Scotch.

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2020 was a year unlike any other in my lifetime, and I have been through growing up during the 60’s civil rights struggle, the anti-war movement of the 60’s and 70’s, being in NYC for 9/11 and grappling with the massive economic impact of the 2008 recession.

We have talked about it in some previous communications, but as we turn the corner into 2021, with the impact of COVID still very present, and the work of fighting racism ever present, I thought it might be helpful to reflect on what we have been doing, what I have been thinking, and where we are going…….Full Post.

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Elaine D. TorresCommunity Affairs Director at CBS4, KCNC-TV, as its new Chair of the Board along with Kent A. Rice as Vice Chair. And recently elected to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees is Cleo Parker Robinson, Founder and Artistic Director of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, who will be serving as Community Trustee.

“We’re so pleased to have Elaine as our new Chair, and Kent succeeding her as Vice Chair,” says President & CEO, Gary Steuer. “Elaine is the first BIPOC Chair of the Board in the nearly 60-year history of the Foundation, and I know she will be a dedicated and effective leader of the Board.”……Full Post.

Chrissy Deal

During a time when powerful, effective leadership in the nonprofit sector is critically needed more than ever, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation names Chrissy Deal as Director, Livingston Fellowship Program, Arts & Social Change Grantmaking. The newly created, senior level position is a first for the Foundation and its prestigious Livingston Fellowship Program, which will both provide leadership for the Fellowship Program and oversee the Foundation’s growing arts and social change grantmaking.

Get to know Chrissy Deal and more about the position……Full Post.