Livingston Fellowship Program

The Livingston Fellowship Program provides advanced learning opportunities to promising nonprofit leaders who hold significant leadership roles in Colorado’s nonprofit sector. This innovative professional development program reflects our belief that no investment in the tangible assets of a nonprofit organization can equal an investment in its greatest asset—its leaders.

The Program is named in honor of Johnston R. Livingston, a long-time Trustee, Chairman and later Chairman Emeritus of the Foundation. John passed away in September 2008, but his passion for innovation, entrepreneurism, and creativity continues to inspire each class of Livingston Fellows.

Fellows are selected on the basis of exceptional leadership ability, promise for significant and unique contributions to the nonprofit sector, and the potential for the Fellowship experience to enable them to move from “success to significance” as leaders of people, organizations and the nonprofit sector.

Livingston Fellows receive awards of $35,000 to enhance their leadership skills through formal and informal professional advancement activities. A core aspect of the program is that each fellowship plan is unique – developed by the Fellow with guidance from the Foundation and their peer Fellows – allowing it to respond to specific leadership development needs. Since the inception of the Fellowship Program, nonprofit leaders have traveled nationally and internationally, attended elite academic programs, met with prominent leaders in their fields, and worked to cultivate their creativity and innovation. Over time, the cohort of Alumni Livingston Fellows has become strong, and so has the peer support, learning, and connections within this elite group, inspiring these leaders to continue imagining, creating, and engaging.

As part of the Foundation’s continuing efforts to ensure equity in all aspects of our work, including the Livingston Fellowship Program, small fellowship support grants are provided to the fellow’s organization. These grants, awarded on a sliding scale based on organizational budget size, are designed to assist smaller organizations which have access to fewer resources.

Candidates for the Program are identified through nominations from Alumni Fellows, community and foundation leaders as well as self-nominations.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the Livingston Fellowship Program for the 2020-2021 selection process. We look forward to resuming in the spring of 2021 to welcome the Class of 2022.

Leaders of Colorado, Front Range-based** 501(c)(3) arts, culture, humanities, youth development, human/social services, health, environment, and science organizations comprise the pool of potential candidates. The grantee organization cannot be classified as a governmental agency or as a community or private foundation. The candidate must currently be serving full-time in a senior-level, paid position with significant responsibilities for the programmatic and/or operational activities of the organization.

Candidates cannot be an employee of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, a Trustee of the Foundation, or a relative of any employee or Trustee of the Foundation.

**Front Range Includes:  Fort Collins on the north, Aurora on the east, Pueblo on the south, and Boulder on the west.

A Selection Panel comprised of Colorado community leaders who bring a breadth of accomplishment and experience is convened to consider nominations. A group of 12 final candidates, identified by the Panel, are then invited to complete a full application for the Fellowship Program. The application includes a resume, professional references, and responses to questions reflecting the candidate’s leadership philosophy and goals. The Board Chair of the candidate’s organization is required to submit a letter of recommendation as well as provide assurances that the organization has appropriately planned for the candidate’s absence, that health insurance coverage and other benefits will be maintained, and that the organization will exercise appropriate oversight and record keeping for the Fellowship award. All application materials should be received by 5:00 p.m. on the specified deadline. Acceptable forms of submission include mail, email, and hand delivery. Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered.

An interview at the candidate’s workplace is conducted by an impartial individual or individuals selected by the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation. Recommendations are then forwarded to the Board of Trustees of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation who make the final selections. Upon being notified of their selection, Fellows develop a two-year action plan and budget for review and approval by the Foundation.

Characteristics of the Candidate’s Employing Organization:

  • Is an established 501(c)(3) organization in Colorado’s Front Range** (not a community or private foundation);
  • Fully supports the candidate’s application and has a plan for organizational management during the candidate’s absence;
  • Guarantees all benefits and continues full-time employee status of the candidate during the Fellowship award period.

Other Requirements:

Fellows are required to submit periodic reports to the Foundation during the Program. Within three months of completion of the two-year Fellowship award period, a written final report is required. All reports must contain detailed records related to the activities conducted and the funds expended.

Fellows will agree to participate in periodic meetings with other Fellows during their two-year active Fellowship and as “alumni.” These activities are intended to build on their experiences as Fellows and to foster continued exploration of issues and ideas of importance and concern to the nonprofit sector.

Additional Questions?

For questions not found on our website, please contact Monique Loseke at (Please no phone calls.)

The primary criteria for selection of Livingston Fellows are:

  • Exceptional leadership ability and demonstrated success;
  • Possess areas for professional leadership development or capacity building that would benefit from the opportunities afforded by participating in this fellowship;
  • Exhibits a readiness to learn, and a sincere interest in professional and personal leadership development; and
  • Promise for significant and unique leadership contributions to the nonprofit sector.

 Additional qualities include: 

  • Has primary or significant leadership responsibility in the nonprofit sector in an organization in arts, culture, and humanities; youth development/education; human/social services; health; environment; or science;
  • Has the expectation of serving at least 7-10 years as a leader in current organization, other nonprofit organizations, and/or in a position that would have considerable influence on the sector;
  • Has qualities and attributes that others would identify as a leader with promise and potential to be a strong role model and opinion shaper within the community and with other nonprofit leaders;
  • Has an interest in developing a deeper understanding of self and purpose as a leader, a propensity to be an inquisitive learner, and a sense of urgency in challenging current thinking and assumptions;
  • Is committed to making significant contributions in advancing nonprofit practices and policies and in exploring new solutions to the complex challenges facing nonprofit organizations;
  • Is working in an organization that would fully support his/her participation in this program, that would have the capacity to manage during his/her absence, and that would provide opportunities for application of the knowledge and insight gained through the Fellowship;
  • Submits a plan for the use of the Fellowship resources that develops his/her capacity for an enhanced level of leadership within their organization and the nonprofit sector;
  • Has a willingness and desire to share with, learn from, and stimulate meaningful conversation with community leaders, including peers; this also includes participation in the growing peer network of Livingston Fellow alumni; and
  • Can wisely integrate the two-year Fellowship experience with personal and professional commitments.

Meet the 2020 Livingston Fellows

2019 Celebration of Leadership Keynote Address

2019 Celebration of Leadership Event

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2018 Celebration of Leadership Keynote Address

At our 2018 Celebration of Leadership, our keynote speaker was Rev. Starsky D. Wilson, President & CEO of the Deaconess Foundation.

2016 Celebration of Leadership

In 2016, the Foundation introduced a Celebration of Leadership where senior Fellows Christine Marquez-Hudson, Carl Clark, and Mike Yankovich sat down for a conversation on leadership with Lt. Governor Donna Lynne.