Grant Objectives

Foundation resources are invested to enrich Denver’s cultural life and landscape. Grant requests are evaluated based on alignment with our objectives:

The Bonfils-Stanton Foundation supports cultural organizations that consistently demonstrate artistic excellence, visionary leadership and adaptive capacity.

We will identify and nurture grass roots innovative organizations and initiatives that enhance the values, spirit and diversity of Denver’s cultural community.

Our support will help connect the arts and community in new and surprising ways.

The Foundation will invest in those organizations that help nurture current and next generation of artists and arts participants.

        We support organizations that embrace and advance DEI practices, and work towards equitable access and engagement in the arts.

We will invest in organizations, projects, and efforts that elevate the profile of Denver’s art scene locally and nationally.

To help us achieve these objectives we are looking for partners who:

  • demonstrate measurable benefit to the city and county of Denver
  • commit to continuous improvement in artistic product, organizational effectiveness and financial strength
  • serve as exemplary models within their field and whose leaders help to advance the role and impact of the arts
  • embrace changing demographics, and seek ways of engaging new and diverse audiences
  • recognize and compensate professional artists
  • collaborate with other organizations in meaningful and new ways
  • strive to make the arts accessible
  • generate “buzz” about their offerings
  • adhere to nonprofit and DEI best practices