The Arts and Our Society

The arts nurture.

The arts help us understand and appreciate other cultures and give us fresh ways to address many of our community’s pressing social challenges. Beyond pure aesthetic enjoyment, benefits of the arts in a community are as far-reaching as improved health and wellbeing, higher child welfare and civic-engagement and lower crime and poverty rates.[1] Cultural arts organizations like Colorado Ballet are using the power of dance to reach and engage diverse populations including children with Downs Syndrome and patients with Parkinson’s disease. And, the Denver Art Museum offers extensive family and kids programs and is rated by USA Today as one of the top ten museums in the nation for families.

One of the nation’s leading healing arts programs is right here at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program humanizes a clinical environment with art, dance/movement, music and yoga therapies. The program helps children to identify, explore and transform emotional and psychological difficulties. By giving kids an outlet for creative expression, creative arts therapy has been proven to help kids get better, faster. Children’s Hospital Colorado is a 2016 recipient of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Annual Award for unique and significant contributions in the integration of Science, Medicine and the Arts.

The Colorado Ballet is a BSF Grantee. Learn more about how we support them on their Grantee Profile.

[1] University of Pennsylvania. Americans for the Arts.
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