By Erica Boniface

When you hear of great community leaders, generous philanthropists and go-getters, you probably read about awards they earn and accolades hanging on their walls. But Colorado’s Robert Tointon, 2012 Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Awards Honoree, still practices good old-fashioned kindness.

He doesn’t seek attention for his giving and that became evidently clear when we recently caught up with him to see how our 2012 Community Service Award recipient is doing.

In one response to Bonfils-Stanton staff, he said “You may not want to write about me once you read my answers.” And we’re guessing it’s because his answers were simple and, most importantly, humble.

Read what he has to say now:

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation: Congratulations on being honored as the Citizen of the West at the 2019 National Western Stock Show. Out of all of your achievements in life, what’s been one of the most memorable?

Robert Tointon: Picking the right young lady to be my bride 63 years ago is the best decision I have made. Deciding to go to work for Joe Phelps 56 years ago was the 2nd best decision.

BSF: In 2012, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation presented you with the Community Service Award. What did that recognition mean to you?

RT: The key feature that makes Bonfils-Stanton Foundation’s Annual Awards Program unique  is the cash prize they award with it. I am accustomed to being asked for money and was shocked that they were giving me $35,000 that I could spend as I wanted! However, I gave part of it to UNC and the balance to the Dropout Prevention program at Greeley Central High School.

BSF: Some  fun facts. You have 900 cow/calf pairs and you produce 3,600 tons of hay annually. How do you find the time to do everything on the farm plus continue being such an active member of your communities? 

RT: We have 4 full-time ranch hands who do most or all of the work, which has provided me with the opportunity to serve where I can and with things I enjoy

BSF: You have four grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren. What is your favorite hobby/activity that you like to do with your family?

RT: The ranch has been a good family place to have some good family time.

BSF: Is there a motivational quote you like to live by? 

RT: “The road to success is always under construction.”