By Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Staff

It seems like a great New Year’s resolution: Learning another language. But how many of us actually take the initiative and sign-up for a class? Rachel Basye is a 2015 Livingston Fellow and Executive Director of the Arts Students League of Denver, and she has begun the initial steps of her fellowship plan by enrolling in Spanish classes to better communicate with her community.

We loved her recent blog post highlighting her experience:

“As part of my Livingston Fellowship plan, I’ve chosen to learn Spanish. When I was younger, I studied other languages and have always enjoyed thinking about how language reflects culture. For this two year journey, part of my goal is to become more connected to community and culture here in Colorado. In order to be successful, I’d like to be able to communicate with more of our community members and so learning Spanish seems important.

I started Spanish in September at Colorado Free University. The courses are weekly and the structure has been fun—lots of in-class discussion, work and homework, but no grades or testing. The other members of my class are all women, which I find interesting. 

Once I complete this first five weeks, I believe I will be confident enough to tackle a conversation group and I look forward to going to one of the Museo de las Americas Happy Hours!

In the meantime, I recently did an art workshop for kids at the BuCu West Chile Fest, in Denver’s Westwood Neighborhood. We did have a number of families who were Spanish speaking and I was thrilled to be able to communicate on some level!”

We’ll continue to update you on Rachel’s journey as she continues to blog. If you’re interested in learning Spanish, visit Colorado Free University’s website to view courses.

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