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Project Description

Grantee Profile: Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, Inc.

Rocky Mountain PBS (RMPBS) is a statewide television network that provides a multifaceted telecommunications service with emphasis on education and current local issues. In 1956, it began as Colorado’s first public television station as a service of Denver Public Schools. Today, the network serves virtually the entire state, airing meaningful content and telling award-winning stories to its Colorado viewers.

Recently, RMPBS has shifted from simply imparting information through the programming, but acts as a resource for Colorado communities and various organizations. The new vision is to “serve as a connector, curator and catalyst, bringing people together around issues that matter to them.” RMPBS also merged with public radio station KUVO/KVJS which broadcasts jazz, Latin jazz, blues and news.

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation helps with general operating support of Arts District, RMPBS’s multiple platform arts coverage. The funding helps RMPBS deepen local arts programming with television, radio and digital production. Arts District airs provoking and entertaining stories of artists and artistry on-air and online – while featuring local Denver stories that reach viewers across the country. Segments include diverse artists, disciplines and trends. For three years in a row, Arts District has received a Colorado Broadcaster’s Award for “Best Series.”

Future plans at RMPBS includes using more locally-produced segments called Learning Experiences for use in Colorado classrooms. Arts District will also be showcasing more SCFD Tier 3 organizations and STEAM-related content that focuses on how science, technology, engineering and mathematical principles intersect with the arts.

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