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Our Vision

At Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, we believe that arts and leadership are critical components to a vibrant city. As Denver becomes recognized as one of America’s foremost creative regions, with strong and diverse cultural participation and artistic excellence, we are a catalyst in this momentum. The Foundation also fuels a community of passionate, collaborative and effective leaders whose efforts individually and collectively improve the lives of the citizens of the Denver region.

Arts Creativity Leadership Venn Diagram

Goals and Approach

  • Enrich Denver’s Cultural Life and Landscape
    • Support key cultural organizations that consistently demonstrate artistic excellence, visionary leadership and adaptive capacity
    • Identify and nurture grass-roots innovative organizations and initiatives that enhance the values, spirit and diversity of Denver’s cultural community
    • Connect the arts and community in new and surprising ways
    • Leverage philanthropic support for arts and leadership from other sources
    • Nurture current and next generation of artists and participants
    • Elevate the profile of Denver’s arts scene, both locally and nationally
  • Cultivate exceptional leaders and change agents
    • Recognize distinguished Coloradans for unique and significant contributions
    • Invest in nonprofit leadership development; Identify and nurture leaders who demonstrate high potential and move them from “success to significance.”
  • Operate the Foundation to the highest management and ethical standards; strive to be recognized as “best in class” for our size
    • Utilize best systems and technology to achieve our goals and objectives
    • Leverage, quantify and communicate the impact of our grantmaking and programs, as well as “why we do what we do”
    • Attract, keep and nurture a superior team that advances our mission – strive to be viewed as a thought partner by our grantees, not just a funder
    • Be effective stewards of Foundation assets to maximize the impact in the pursuit of our mission.