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I have often been asked this question in my career, and have always had the same answer – I am an “arts omnivore”. I consume it all, and am passionate about it all – I may be at a club to hear an indie band one night, then at a museum, then at a dance concert. In my line of work, like a parent, I must be able to say “I love all my children equally”…and mean it.
Creativity is often described as the leading edge of innovation. Creativity is the inspiration that is harnessed and applied to situations as innovation. In today’s world, artists can be purely creative – creating their art driven only by personal aesthetics; but increasingly they are also innovators as well – applying their artistic creativity to civic and social challenges. And beyond the arts, all great leaders must by definition be creative. If there is no innovation then you are not a leader; you are a manager, perhaps effectively steering a ship, but not charting a new course, or transforming what it means to be a ship. IBM research has found that CEOs rate creativity as the most important skill for leadership in today’s business world.

Meet Gary

Gary Steuer joined the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation as President and CEO in 2013. Since that time he has focused on leveraging the voice and legacy of the Foundation to sustain and strengthen the arts and nonprofit leadership in our community. He is empowering the signature programs and initiatives of the Foundation to ensure they are advancing innovation, excellence, community and quality of life.

Prior to joining BSF, Gary served as the Chief Cultural Officer and Director of the Office of Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy for the City of Philadelphia. He also served as Vice President of Private-Sector Affairs and Executive Director, Arts & Business Council for Americans for the Arts in New York. Gary also spent 12 years as President and CEO and Director of New York Programs for Arts and Business Council Inc. in New York, prior to its merger with Americans for the Arts.

Before his stint at the Arts and Business Council, Gary spent significant time in the theatre and cultural industry holding Director positions at the National Actors Theatre, New York State Council on the Arts and Vineyard Theatre. He holds a Bachelors of Arts from New York University, where he also completed studies for a Masters of Arts in Performing Arts Management, as well as studying at the Stern School of Business.

Gary has been a regular writer and speaker on topics such as cultural policy, philanthropy, creative economy and arts management. He has served on many local and national boards and is the current Vice Chair for Colorado Association of Funders and a director for Grantmakers in the Arts.

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