President’s Letter

Gary P. Steuer

Welcome to Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Online.

I had the great honor of joining the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation as its President and CEO in October 2013. Since that time, our Foundation has been deepening its strategic focus on arts and culture in Denver, while maintaining the long-standing commitment to advancing leadership across the nonprofit sector in this region. We continue to explore and refine the ways we can impact artistic excellence, community service, creative place-making, capacity building, and innovation. We have also spent the last few years on a journey to weave our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion into all our work and operations.

We have realized that beyond our philanthropy, we can play an important role in communicating and advocating for the critical value of the arts in our community, and also the importance of the arts being equitably available to all of Denver’s residents – we need to be a storyteller, not just a funder. We also extend our influence by partnerships, and investing in convenings, capacity buildings and studies that can help advance and strengthen the sector. To continue to be informed about our work, and the stories of our grantees and Fellows, sign up for our newsletter.

We are especially proud of our nationally recognized collaborative grantmaking program that supports work at the intersection of arts and other social issues, Arts in Society. This catalytic program has also, through funding partnerships, allowed us to extend our influence statewide, including into rural communities, and to support individual artists. After several years of advancing equity in our work in an organic way, but without a clear guiding philosophy or significant changes to our grantmaking process, we are now being much more strategic and intentional. Please read our Mission, Vision and Values statement that incorporates a powerful commitment to equity in our work. And you can read here about our recent changes to grantmaking that will allow us to deepen our commitment to strengthening the full spectrum of cultural assets in our community. We realize this work is not done, that our programs and strategies will continue to evolve and change as we learn and respond to the needs of our community.

We are equally pleased with the continued momentum and impact of the Livingston Fellowship Program. Since 2005, this program has helped advance the professional growth and development of nonprofit executives throughout the Front Range. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is evident here as well. We have recently updated the Program to include open entry into the nomination process, expanding the reach to smaller organizations, striving to ensure diverse representation and providing organizational support for Fellows leading small nonprofits. We hope these changes make an even greater impact on the Fellows, their organizations and the communities they serve.

This work has only been made possible by a truly committed and talented Board and staff, including all those who came before me. I am so excited about the work we are doing, the impact it is having, and what the future holds.

Gary P. Steuer
President and CEO