President’s Letter

Welcome to Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Online.

I had the great honor of joining the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation as its President and CEO in October, 2013. Since that time, our Foundation has been deepening its strategic focus on arts and culture in Denver, while maintaining the long-standing commitment to advancing leadership across the nonprofit sector in this region. We continue to explore and refine the ways we can impact artistic excellence, community service, creative place-making, capacity building, and innovation.

Supporting the arts philanthropically and selectively investing in great nonprofit leaders is rewarding and impactful. But we can do so much more. It’s essential that we communicate the stories behind the organizations, programs, and individuals we support. We must articulate why arts and culture are so important to Denver, and share the inspiration of our Fellows with their cohorts and the community at large. This is how our impact continues to feed the creative momentum of Denver.

I invite you to join the conversation, and become a part of this rich dialogue on arts and leadership in Denver. Keep an eye out as we offer new guidelines and grant applications. I also encourage you to review the new “Vision and Goals” page of our website which summarizes our new strategic framework. This Foundation has been blessed with extraordinary staff and board leadership over the past three decades, and I am very excited about what the future holds: for the Foundation itself, for the arts community, and for Denver and Colorado. It’s a vibrant story that belongs to all of us.

Gary P. Steuer
President and CEO