Michael E. Bock
Michael E. BockPrincipal, Petrie Partners, LLC

Points of View

I believe in serving on boards where I feel aligned with the mission and where I can add value in both the pursuit and continuing evolution of that mission. As a student, consumer and patron of the arts and one-time leader of a local arts organization, I could not feel more aligned with the BSF mission. The idea that “arts are fundamental to our humanity…they ennoble and inspire us – fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty,” is innate with me. Sadly, this is not broadly held and it’s clear that the arts in Denver and America are being neglected, particularly from a financial perspective. BSF is a leader in the cause of supporting arts and culture in Denver, so I feel honored to have the opportunity to serve the organization and add value in any way I can.
Broadly, music is my favorite art form. I have zero aptitude for performance but consider myself at least a “good listener.” This preference derives in part from the restorative effect of music and its connection with memories. I recall many great Red Rocks shows going all the way back to my early teens. In college, I wrote my honors thesis on the connections between jazz, a true original American art form, and American literature. Post-college, I moved to New York City where I spent what little spare time I had sampling Gotham’s many jazz offerings. I had also listened to opera but didn’t really connect until, during that same NYC stint, I found myself seated next to my would-be wife at the Metropolitan Opera and the curtain came up, the overture floated by and the singing commenced – it was an epiphany! I couldn’t put my finger on it then but I have now come to appreciate the multiple layers of art in opera – symphonic scores plus virtuosic vocal expression combined with dramatic art – a true “three for one” for your art dollar. When I returned to Denver in the late 80’s I realized the “cow town” I grew up in had become an arts destination with world-class art and cultural offerings. My conversion from consumer to patron and a leader in an arts organization I owe to people like Ellie Caulkins who is my personal best example of how passion for and generosity towards the arts can be infectious.

Meet Michael E. Bock

Michael E. Bock joined the Foundation’s Board in April 2018. Mike is a Managing Director of Petrie Partners, an investment bank specializing in the energy industry. Prior to co-founding Petrie Partners in 2011, Mike was a Managing Director of Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Global Energy & Power Investment Banking Group. He joined the firm as part of Merrill Lynch’s acquisition of Petrie Parkman & Co. in 2006. At Petrie Parkman, he served as Head of Corporate Finance and as a member of the firm’s Board of Directors. Mike earned his B.A. degree, cum laude, in American History and Literature from Harvard University in 1987. He is a CFA charter holder and is a member of the CFA Institute and the Denver Society of Securities Analysts. Mike has served on the Board of Directors of Opera Colorado since 2011, including a 3-year term as Chairman from 2014-2017. Mike was raised in Denver and has witnessed the dramatic expansion in the number and quality of arts and cultural offerings in the city. Aside from regular attendance at the opera, Mike and his wife, Julie, enjoy and support a wide range of music, visual and dramatic arts in the community.