Class of 2012

Livingston Fellowship Program 2012 Fellows, from left to right: Jean-Philippe Malaty, Kathy Underhill, Sharon Knight, Rob Smith, and Maren Stewart

Sharon Knight

President and CEO
Warren Village

Sharon Knight began her tenure as President and CEO of Warren Village in January 2011. Warren Village helps low-income, previously homeless single parent families move from public assistance to personal and economic self-sufficiency through subsidized housing, accredited child care, intensive case management, and career guidance and development. Sharon received her Master’s degree in Psychology from Antioch New England Graduate School, and did her undergraduate work in Oregon. Sharon aspires to be an effective and persuasive catalyst for change by developing skills that will help her move to action new and more effective ways of addressing the complexity of issues related to poverty and homelessness.

Jean-Philippe Malaty

Executive Director
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Jean-Philippe Malaty is a co-founder of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet where he has served as Executive Director since 1995. A nationally recognized dance company, the Ballet has strong community connections and operates schools with award-winning youth programs in Santa Fe and Aspen. After receiving his degree in dance, Jean-Philippe trained at prestigious schools in Brussels and Stuttgart, and danced with leading companies including the Joffrey II, Los Angeles Classical Ballet, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Jean-Philippe plans to study arts organizations that have thrived in the face of economic adversity. He is interested in exploring how organizations can attain financial strength and sustainability while fostering creativity and artistic vibrancy.

Rob Smith

Executive Director
Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute

Rob Smith is the founding Executive Director of Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute. Launched in 2008, the Institute provides affordable and approachable business support services and flexible microloans to help community entrepreneurs turn good ideas into income-generating businesses. Rob studied at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver where he earned an undergraduate degree in Finance and an MBA. Rob plans to strengthen his skills as a change agent in the nonprofit sector by engaging with leading social enterprises and collaborative social impact models. He is also interested in leadership sustainability, and how personal and organizational lives intersect to make our communities and our families stronger.

Maren Stewart

President and CEO
LiveWell Colorado

Maren Stewart was named the first President and CEO of LiveWell Colorado in 2009. This organization is committed to reducing obesity in Colorado through the promotion of healthy eating and active living. In addition to educating and inspiring people to make healthy choices, LiveWell Colorado focuses on policy and environmental changes to increase healthy behaviors. Maren holds a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Kansas and a J.D. from the University of Denver. Through international travel and programs focused on innovation and creative enterprise, Maren will gain insights into other leadership models and enhance her ability to lead a bold agenda with courage and confidence.

Kathy Underhill

Executive Director
Hunger Free Colorado

Kathy Underhill was named Executive Director of Hunger Free Colorado in 2009. Hunger Free Colorado addresses the state’s hunger challenges through a coordinated approach to ensure that all Coloradans can put nutritious food on their table. The organization leverages the power of collaboration, systems, policy, and social change to end hunger in Colorado. She received a Bachelor of Social Work at Metropolitan State College and a Master of Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University. Kathy is interested in deepening her understanding of public health issues and policies that have transformed public perception and societal norms, with the goal of developing strategies to make hunger as culturally unacceptable as not wearing seatbelts.