Program Overview

The Bonfils-Stanton Annual Awards Program was established in 1984 in recognition of Charles Stanton’s desire to honor individuals who are advancing excellence in the Foundation’s major areas of interest. Each year, the Foundation Trustees recognize outstanding Coloradans with the dual goals of bringing acclaim to their efforts and motivating others to greater accomplishments on behalf of Colorado and its citizens.

Sometimes referred to as “Colorado’s Nobel Prizes,” the Annual Awards have honored prominent Coloradans for excellence in a broad range of pursuits. Honorees represent excellence in such fields as artistic direction, civic engagement, university leadership, historic preservation, biomedical research, chemistry and physics. Several honorees have gone on to receive the Nobel Prize, many have served as mentors to others, and most have continued to make significant contributions for years following receipt of the Foundation award.

Honorees are recognized at an annual luncheon hosted by the Foundation. Each honoree receives a financial award of $35,000.

2014 Annual Award Honorees (from left to right): Dr. David Schwartz, Eleanor “Ellie” Caulkins, and David Ethan Greenberg