President’s Message

Welcome to Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Online.

We hope that our website provides a helpful understanding of the Foundation’s values, priorities and practices, and presents a framework to describe our funding interests and strategies.

Founded by Charles E. Stanton, an avid and generous patron of the arts, the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation has a long and rich history of support for art and culture in Colorado.  Inspired by our founder, we have for years invested in the many visual and performing arts organizations that brighten our communities through their gifts of music, dance, opera, theater, sculpture and painting.

Over the past decade, we have seen powerful new forces shaping the world of art and culture.  These include rapidly changing demographics, extraordinary breakthroughs in technology, heightened expectations of cultural participation, and new market realities compounded by difficult economic times.  Such challenges are causing widespread organizational disruption.  At the same time, they are also unleashing untapped creative potential. 

As we have listened to arts leaders and arts funders – both in Denver and across the country – we have been inspired by new ideas about connecting art with community, engaging people as curators of their own experience, creating new economic models for arts organizations, and incorporating digital media in the creation and enjoyment of the arts.  We have heard about the critical importance of innovation and adaptive capacity to the sustainability of arts organizations and cultural communities.  We hear people asking that art be valued not only by traditional standards of excellence but also by measures of public benefit.

We are excited by the abundant creative energy that has come to define and energize Denver.  In that spirit, we have made a commitment to further concentrate our resources to support arts organizations working to make Denver one of the nation’s foremost creative regions.

As we implement these funding priorities, we will continue our signature programs to support and celebrate leadership in the nonprofit sector. We are proud to renew our commitment to the Bonfils-Stanton Annual Awards for outstanding service in Art and Humanities, Community Service, and Science and Medicine.  We also look forward to adding to our growing cadre of exceptional Livingston Fellows who serve as leaders of the sector today, and will become the shapers of the sector for tomorrow.  Our website includes the profiles of selected Award honorees and Livingston Fellows.  Please enjoy them.

We are excited about our increased focus on the arts and we remain committed to an ongoing process of learning and sharing what we learn.  We will be making additional changes to our website over the coming year.  Please visit often as we add information and begin to identify new grantmaking priorities and opportunities.  

As always, we welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.  In particular, we welcome your partnership as we work together to make Denver a vibrant and creative capital for the citizens of Colorado.