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Mark G. Falcone
Mark G. FalconeFounder and Chief Executive Officer, Continuum Partners, LLC

Points of View

Ellen and I tend to focus on the visual arts. She has a graphic design firm and I spend all day with architects so we are both visually stimulated people. We like to live around artwork created by people we know either from the Denver community or have come to know through their exhibitions at MCA/Denver. We enjoy being intellectually challenged by emergent work. We find (or hope anyway) it keeps us young and open minded.
There is something deeply embedded in humanity that drives us to work together to build a strong community. Our most basic survival instincts tell us that we can achieve more security and societal prosperity through settlements which do more than fulfill our basic commercial needs, but also enrich us intellectually and creatively. Throughout history, the cultural output of a city is a reflection of its citizenry’s accomplishment and relevance in the world. I am pleased to do my part by serving on a board that continues to move this work and creativity forward.

Meet Mark G. Falcone

Mark Falcone joined the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Board in 2008. Mark is CEO and Founder of Continuum Partners, LLC, a Denver-based real estate development and investment company that specializes in sustainable growth projects, including the Union Station Neighborhood, Belmar, Bradburn, and 9+CO (the 30-acre former CU Medical Campus). Prior to Continuum, Mark held positions with the Pioneer Companies, the real estate development firm founded by his father, and the Rouse Company in Columbia, MD. He takes an active role in the community, having served on a several boards including the MCA/Denver, the Nature Conservancy, the Biennial of the Americas, and Colgate University. In 2004, Mark and his wife Ellen Bruss donated a parcel of land in downtown Denver to the MCA/Denver which ultimately led to the construction of the museum’s David Adjaye-designed building. Mark and Ellen have two grown children, Sonya and Luke, both of whom live in Los Angeles.